Partnership and Alliance

We’ve been having some exciting conversations recently with teaching schools on how we can build new partnerships that extend and develop capacity and capability to deliver great online and blended learning.

Teaching schools are at the heart of new partnerships and alliances for developing staff and creating exciting learning opportunities that represent the needs of all staff involved in  21st Century Education. We are in an era of austerity, where every penny matters more than it has in many of our living memories – and this challenge is one that FLOwPARTNERS is willing to take on.  Our focus is on innovative and cost effective blended learning designs: taking the best of what we have both online and offline, and creating innovative and transformational solutions with you.

In this world, there are consultants who seek to develop a relationship based on dependency.  Morally this is misled, and misses the point of why FLOwPARTNERS is in business.  Our approach is to forge a productive alliance – where we work with you to develop your own sustainable approach to learning online through joint professional discovery and development.  Whether you are interested in licensed provision, in broadening the scope of teaching schools’ activity, or in any other aspect of extending and deepening learning opportunities through online media, we can meet your requirements with the highest quality standard and the most cost-effective solutions.

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