Zone of flow

Being in a Zone of Flow

Where in your every day life do you feel really happy? 

What makes you feel that it is worth doing things that make your life meaningful? 

These questions are about recognising the mental state that we experience when we are fully immersed in an activity: where a positive and energised focus is acheived.

Being in a zone of flow is very strongly linked to performing well and learning effectively, and is underpinned by several factors that influence the ability to find this state.  These factors describe our inner state as a person in flow, and are:

  • intense and focused concentration on the present moment
  • merging of action and awareness
  • a loss of reflective self-consciousness
  • a sense of personal control or agency over the situation or activity
  • a distortion of temporal experience, one’s subjective experience of time is altered
  • experience of the activity as intrinsically rewarding and motivating

FlowPartners seeks to support the development of our self-awareness and motivation to a point where we are engaging in activities that lead to a state of flow: where we are strongly motivated, have a moral purpose and are performing well.  We seek to design, develop and deliver activities that will help improve your skill set to be able to reach a state of flow too, or to help you help others to do so.

Conditions for flow

To be effective in the zone of flow we need to develop a set of conditions around the activities we are engaging with:

  • Knowing what to do
  • Knowing how to do it
  • Knowing how well you are doing
  • Knowing where to go (if navigation is involved)
  • High perceived challenges
  • High perceived skills
  • Freedom from distractions

Our first question to you is: What do you want to learn today?

There are some select topics or concepts that are about developing and practiciing new awarenesses and are not bound to a singualr profession but bound to our inner selves as people, learners and professionals.    We also plan to run a short course in knowledgehub to support deeper collaboration and exploration of the following themes presented in this table

Motivation Appreciative enquiry
Collaboration – group flow Coaching conditions and skills
Integrating flow into your working day Technology for learning

More articles relating to the zone of flow will be published soon

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