About us


We are a cooperative partnership of online learning specialists, each with extensive  experience in varied education and industry contexts. Our passion is learning as a natural drive in human activity and a good thing in organisations of people, be they teams, schools, university students, MOOC students or commercial enterprises and public bodies.

We are influenced by the evidence of research of others including :-

  • Etienne Wenger & Jean Lave – communities of practice, social learning, legitimate peripheral participation
  • Donald Schon – learning, reflection and change
  •  R.E. Boyatzis- Intentional change, self-directed learning, emotionally intelligent organisation

We believe in cooperation and collaboration through partnership and bring this to our work whether that is:-

  • facilitating online learning
  • creating short courses
  • designing learning environments
  • providing coaching expertise
  • helping organisations with digital strategy
  • bespoke consultancy

We are inspired by the concept of flow and have developed our own flowexperience  designed to empower others towards self -direction and self-determination in their learning journeys.