Learning Services

What do you want to learn today?  And how would you like to achieve it? 

Please read on to find out more about flowpartners learning services.

The flowexperience:

The flowexperience is a cornerstone of how we work and what we do.  The flowexperience is  founded on enquiry, empowerment, co-operation and collaboration.  The focus is self-determined leadership learning in the online environment

How?  The flowexperience

  • Enhances your capacity as a successful learner in an online environment
  • Enables you to reflect and focus on your personal development needs
  • Empowers you to select your personalised learning curriculum
  • Extends your range of professional learning contacts beyond your specific context
  • Encourages peer engagement support and challenge
  • Emphasises enjoyment and co-operation
  • Is designed to deepen and strengthen you as a learner and as a leader.

Coaching for organisational development and personal growth:

flowpartners believe the principles of coaching are that

  • the agenda is that of the coachee, not the coach
  • the coachee has the ability within themselves to address that agenda
  • coaching is the joint responsibility of coach and coachee.

We have a team of expert accredited coaches who work across sectors coaching at all levels.  If you are considering developing a coaching culture in your organisation, we can develop a programme of development and work with you to develop a strategic approach toward embedding coaching effectively.  Visit Coaching for Leaders for more questions about coaching and leadership.

Facilitation skills development:

As a team of highly skilled facilitators we offer a range of provision to enable you to develop your facilitation skills.  We are specialists in facilitating learning online and face to face.

If you are interested in engaging with a programme of facilitator development please get in touch.

Digital strategy realisation:

If you wish to integrate or embed the effective use of technology into your organisation, we can work with you to create a future proof strategic approach.  Technology confident systems will thrive in today’s global economy.

Learning design and development:

How do you approach the creation of new learning experiences?  The shift in availability of learning globally is changing professionals understanding of how and where to access new knowledge, and how to harness this into real learning.  We are committed to developing self-determined learners who are conscious of both what they are learning and how they are learning: becoming truly empowered.  This should be seen as an entitlement for any individual engaging in learning in the 21st Century.

Design for learning is about agility of process and actively demonstrating your values. We can work with you to create the best learning opportunities for your team or organisation integrating

Quality and impact:

Whilst we live and thrive in a complex world, it is often seen as a difficult place to understand how our actions make a difference. This may be in a project, or through a range of professional development activities.  We can work with individuals, teams and organisations to develop true practice around evaluating quality and measuring impact.