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Leadership Coaching – moral purpose or a means to an end?

‘Coaching is a new big thing in leadership’ – in fact, it pervades so much of what you’ll find in leadership programmes and in thinking that, that statement is probably well out-of-date.  Many leaders participate in a coaching exercise during assessment and development centres, and you may have your own coach as you continue your journey in your own leadership career.

So, is coaching a moral purpose in leadership or a means to an end?

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Flowpartners beleive the principles of coaching are that

  • the agenda is that of the coachee, not the coach
  • the coachee has the ability within themselves to address that agenda
  • coaching is the joint responsibility of coach and coachee.

We have a team of expert accredited coaches who work across sectors coaching at all levels.  If you are considering developing a coaching culture in your organisation, we can develop a programme of development and work with you to develop a strategic approach toward embedding coaching effectively.

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