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Leadership Coaching – moral purpose or a means to an end?

‘Coaching is a new big thing in leadership’ – in fact, it pervades so much of what you’ll find in leadership programmes and in thinking that, that statement is probably well out-of-date.  Many leaders participate in a coaching exercise during assessment and development centres, and you may have your own coach as you continue your journey in your own leadership career.

So, is coaching a moral purpose in leadership or a means to an end?

pdf 28x28  Read more about our thinking in Coaching for Leaders

Flowpartners beleive the principles of coaching are that

  • the agenda is that of the coachee, not the coach
  • the coachee has the ability within themselves to address that agenda
  • coaching is the joint responsibility of coach and coachee.

We have a team of expert accredited coaches who work across sectors coaching at all levels.  If you are considering developing a coaching culture in your organisation, we can develop a programme of development and work with you to develop a strategic approach toward embedding coaching effectively.

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Welcome to FLOwPartners

FLOwPartners – online learning and facilitation solutions for leadership development… how do we flow?

We want to work with  forward-looking education providers who are seeking to maximise and enhance opportunities to develop the educational leaders of today and tomorrow. Online learning and facilitation offer the 21st century solution to complement and build on work/school-based study for leaders with demanding roles.

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FLOwPartners are online learning experts who have worked as a team and individually for many years with the National College for School Leadership, and independently with schools, colleges and others, to design, develop and deliver online learning and training for education practitioners and school leaders at every level.  We can provide consultancy, product design and facilitation, and can train others to design and facilitate online learning activities, as stand-alone experiences or as part of a blended programme with face-to-face events, work-based and independent study.

Whether you are interested in licensed provision, in broadening the scope of teaching schools’ activity, or in any other aspect of extending and deepening learning opportunities through online media, we can meet your needs with the highest quality standard and the most cost-effective solutions.

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If you would like to speak with us about your ideas, successes or challenges, get in touch!

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