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Free Range Facilitation

I have seen the future of online learning and its free-range

We may be seeing a paradigm shift in e-learning. Major providers of  learning providers have made content freely available online and we are now in the era  of MOOCS ( massive open online courses), of free courses and modules, TED lectures and Youtube etc. Is there still a valid role for formal courses with expensive fees, subject expert tutors, online facilitators? Are adult learners now self-directed learners going solo in the global e-learning world?

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Your rights as a learner

“Powerful stuff” came the first response to Christine’s group mail surfacing Hybrid Pedagogy’s recent article on A Bill of Rights and Principles for Learning in the Digital Age.

The important note to listen to in their thinking is the need to make learning meaningful whilst dealing with globally massive access.  The rise of the MOOC model presents many challenges to the learner, and as a consequence questions around what a learner should be entitled to.

From our perspective this further emphasises the need to develop effective facilitation strategies and processes to support learners effectively in all contexts so that they can manage their aspirations, focus on the meaningful and develop as a motivationally concious people.

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